Discover Quality Vietnamese Food Catering in Sydney

In Sydney, Vietnamese catering is not something you see every day. We would like to change that by sharing our love of exquisite Asian food with a healthy twist that will make your mouth water and leave you wanting more. Could Vietnamese catering be the right fit for your next event?

Benefits of Having Vietnamese Catering in Sydney at Your Event

We offer restaurant-quality food for your special events. We own two successful Vietnamese restaurants, and that has taught us how to create menus that everyone can enjoy. Make the best of the food you give to your guests by introducing them to Chao Catering. Here are some benefits you will experience when you hire us for your next event.

  • Cost savings. It’s much easier to serve cost-effective yet delicious meals when you hire a catering com-pany. With RSVPs, you know exactly how much food to order, and no one will be left without a plate.
  • Authenticity. At Chao Catering, we offer incredible Vietnamese catering in Sydney in the form of Asian canapes and delicious finger food-style catering. We also offer buffet catering so each guest can choose from a variety of Vietnamese foods. Our food is gluten-free while still being a true reflection of Vietnamese food culture.
  • Easy planning. Hiring a catering service can make your entire event run smoothly. We know how to pre-pare food for large events, including planning menus, purchasing ingredients, and cooking— all things we’ve been doing superbly for years.
  • Focus on your own priorities. With Chao Catering, you can trust that your event’s food preparation will be a stress-free experience for you. We handle all the things that you don’t have time for so you can spend time with your guests and make an excellent impression on co-workers or your boss.
  • Memorable flair. Enjoy something different at your event with Vietnamese food catering in Sydney. In-stead of the usual food that everyone expects at a buffet, why not experience Mama’s Fish Cakes or Sugarcane Prawn Lollipops and give your guests a new take on event catering?

We pride ourselves on bringing delicious Vietnamese food to Sydney. We like to showcase why Asian cuisine is so unique. Not many people in Australia have discovered the joy of indulging in quality Vietnamese food, so we want to show the masses how incredible it can be.

What Makes Our Vietnamese Food So Special

As sisters, we work really well together to bring new flavours and dishes to our menus. We have an inherent love for Vietnamese food, but in bringing it to Sydney, we decided to put our own spin on it while keeping it healthy. You can expect gluten-free dishes that will still wow you and your guests with impeccable presentation and out-of-this-world flavours. What makes our Vietnamese food so special?

We blend the flavours you might find at street stalls in Vietnam with straight-from-the-market local Australian food so when you eat our food, your entire experience is entirely unique. Using local ingredients supports the economy while ensuring the freshest food possible.

To experience incredible Vietnamese catering and a new food experience, contact us to book Chao Catering for your next event. Blow your guests away with the perfect mix of Vietnamese cuisine and healthy eating.