Corporate Catering in Sydney

Say good-bye to sandwiches. And hello to something more exotic. Here's to celebrating the fantastic flavours of Vietnam, the Chao way.

Catering Services for Your Corporate Event

We specialise in catering for corporate functions across Sydney.

Using only the freshest quality produce, we offer a range of beautifully crafted and presented packages to spice up your next occasion:

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Networking events
  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Celebrations

Our authentic, delicious Vietnamese dishes are of restaurant quality and delivered straight to your door.


Enjoy our service with a smile!

If you have the task of planning the food and drinks for a corporate event, you have many options. Finding new and innovative possibilities can set your occasion apart from all the other corporate events serving up traditional fare. Arranging corporate catering in Sydney is a bit different from planning catering for a wedding, as corporate events tend to be more casual, although corporate functions do range from very casual to formal depending on the purpose of the affair. Here are some tips to help you plan great food for your next gathering.


Consider Your Guests

Make an effort to know who’s coming to your event. Learn as much as you can about your guests such as how often they attend events such as yours, where most of them live, their ethnic backgrounds, and their professional level; this type of information can save you from serving inappropriate or unpopular items. If possible, also try to find out about any food allergies among your guests. Then, you can pass this information on to your caterer for the best results.


Make the Space Comfortable

Consider the objectives of your event and choose the size of the room accordingly. If your guests will have pens and notepads, make sure there is room for these on the table along with the tableware. Depending on the size of your tables, you’ll probably want to cap the number of chairs at each table at eight or so to avoid crowding.


Pay Attention to Presentation

An excellent corporate caterer in Sydney will make sure that the food and drinks are presented attractively and functionally. The selection of food should be colourful and fragrant, and the presentation should be creative and fun. Whether the food is served by the plate or buffet-style, you want plenty of options and an aesthetically pleasing setup. The linens and any other décor should align with the meal and the theme of the event.


Provide Plenty of Options

People at corporate events often find themselves stuck with the same menu options everyone tends to serve. However, most people prefer some variety and more control over what they eat. It’s best to have a few options available as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options for your diet-conscious guests. You can also choose something different and unique to give guests a break from the same old meal they eat at every event they attend.

Sydney Corporate Catering by Chao Catering

Corporate catering is popular because it provides both tasty food, drinks and entertainment for your attendees. You can treat yourself and your guests to wonderful service and have your every need met when you work with Chao Catering. Chao Catering is the creation of two popular Vietnamese restaurants: I Love Pho in Crows Nest and LaSen in Randwick. We offer delicious, restaurant-quality Vietnamese cuisine that’s healthy, fresh, and gluten-free. We also have lots of vegetarian options.

If you’re looking for something unique for your corporate event, consider Chao Catering. Your guests will love the Authentic Asian cuisine, and we’ll love making sure everyone is fed and enjoys a great meal. Contact Chao Catering today to book.